‘What are you doing in my house?’: The TikTok trend about life’s most relatable (and awkward) moments

A new TikTok trend is both highly relatable and extremely cringy — and we are honestly here for it. TikTok refers to it as the “What are you doing in my house?” trend. Users create videos showcasing people enjoying alone time at home when they are interrupted by surprise visitors.

One popular TikTok, shared by Kate (@katesteacy), shows the creator post-shower with a face mask getting ready to settle in for the night. But just a few seconds into the clip, she stops dead in her tracks when she notices she’s not alone.

“when i’m jus trynna go make my instant noodles and watch TV for the rest of the night in my ‘nobody’s gonna see me’ outfit but I walk downstairs and see my brothers entire friend group,” the TikToker wrote in the video text.

That’s when the background track suddenly switches from gentle music to a voiceover of someone saying, “Um, excuse me, what the actual f*** are you doing in my house?”

The video has garnered over 8.5 million views. Viewers’ comments were split. They varied between those who found the circumstance relatable and those who hadn’t experienced it — and hoped they never would.

In fact, other similar videos with the sound were shared by high schoolers or college students whose siblings seemed to bring home friends without much notice.

Another popular TikTok, shared by Marley (@thebobmarleyy), shows a TikTok user coming downstairs one morning only to find the entire varsity football team in her kitchen.

The TikTok trend may be new, but the audio reportedly originates from an older Youtube video. While no longer available on the platform, the video features an animated Santa Claus asking the viewer what they’re doing in his house.

Here’s a copy of the video that now circulates TikTok for reference.

At some point, the sound clip migrated over to TikTok and now has a life of its own. And it’s only gaining in popularity as more content creators make their own versions of it.

Other clips of the trend use the sound in slightly different ways. For instance, in one video shared by Caroline (@0rgangrinder), the “voice” in the voiceover isn’t supposed to be coming from the TikToker herself but rather from her judgmental cat.

Other clips feature a shortened version of the sound, cutting off right after, “Um, excuse me, what the actual f***?”

The new viral trend joins countless others that highlight some unspoken but relatable moments we all seem to individually experience.

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