Dog panics when he can't see Dad, fearlessly leaps into ocean to find him

A brave dog who didn't think twice about saving his "daddy" is going viral — and now, TikTokers everywhere are holding their pups a little tighter. When TikToker @givingyouwood posted the heartwarming footage to their account, they gained over 2.6 million views and thousands of tearful comments. In the footage, the poster explains that, unbeknownst to the family, their loyal pit bull, Titan, was panicking. His dad was nowhere to be found in the water. What Titan didn't realize, however, was that Dad had already gotten out of the water and was safe on the beach. "Is he looking for you?" a family member asks Dad in the video. Suddenly, to everyone's shock, Titan leaps into the ocean, desperate to locate and rescue his human. The video then cuts to the two happily reunited on the sand. as if to scold his human for scaring him, Titan gently takes Dad's fingers into his mouth and begins to guide him away from the water. Comments came pouring in by the thousands, expressing their love for Titan — and dogs everywhere