It doesn’t sound like Bears veterans want to start over with rookie QB

The Chicago Bears are gearing up for their 2023 finale against the rival Green Bay Packers, but the focus is on what will be a pivotal offseason that will define the franchise for the next decade.

Justin Fields’ future in Chicago is uncertain as the Bears possess the first overall pick in the 2024 NFL draft, which they could use to draft a top rookie like Caleb Williams or Drake Maye.

Everyone has an opinion about what Chicago should do. Fans have made it clear they want Fields, Bears players have made it clear they want Fields, but what does general manager Ryan Poles want? That, after all, is the only thing that matters.

But that hasn’t stopped Fields’ teammates from going to bat for him over the past few weeks. In fact, it doesn’t sound like Bears veterans are excited about the idea of starting over with a rookie quarterback next season.

“If we do that next year, it’s like where are we going?” a Bears starter told ESPN of drafting a QB at No. 1. “So we’ve got to go through this for another year until he [a rookie quarterback] is able to compete for a Super Bowl?”

Fields has reportedly made Poles’ decision to draft a quarterback with the first pick difficult with his improved play, along with the support from his teammates. While there are many who still doubt Chicago can contend for a Super Bowl with Fields, his teammates have complete confidence in him.

“No one in here thinks Justin’s not a top quarterback,” a Bears veteran told ESPN. “No one would tell you that. Everyone believes he’s a top-10 quarterback in the league.”

We’ll see this offseason if Poles agrees.

Story originally appeared on Bears Wire