Which doesn’t belong and why: Tough early schedule

Mike Florio and Peter King play a round of “Which doesn’t belong and why” with Wild Card teams from last season who have tough early schedules in 2023.

Video Transcript

MIKE FLORIO: All right, as promised, a quick game of which doesn't belong and why. We start with the Giants as one of the options. Wild card teams from 2022 with tough early season schedules Giants, Dolphins, Chargers, which doesn't belong and why, Peter King?

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PETER KING: I would say the Chargers. And-- and I would say the Chargers because at least the way I look at them right now, they still need, I don't want to say a perfect game, but this is a team that has not been able to play the consistent kind of defense that Brandon Staley thought he could play with his team as witnessed in the playoff game in Jacksonville last year, where they just totally collapsed in the last, whatever, 33 minutes of the game. But to me, I think they have got to prove they can play a good solid defensive game before they can be trusted to make noise in the playoffs this year.

MIKE FLORIO: One of the three head coaches, Brandon Staley, clearly on the hot seat. So there's an urgency to get off to a good start I'll say the Dolphins, though, because they're in a division where they play every team from the AFC West this year, every team from the NFC East this year. The questions about Tua Tagovailoa are still lingering. I think there's a chance only one team gets out of the AFC East and qualifies for the postseason. So you may have to win the division, or you don't get in this year. It's going to be critical for the Dolphins to get off to a good start and keep Tua Tagovailoa healthy, and they may have a hard time doing that. And they may be the most likely of the three to not be back in the postseason field.