Does loss to Cardinals derail Cowboys Super Bowl aspirations? | Zero Blitz

Yahoo Sports’ Jason Fitz and Frank Schwab hop on Zero Blitz to discuss Dallas Cowboys disastrous loss to the Arizona Cardinals, and talk about how it could potentially affect the Cowboys’ aspirations going forward.

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Video Transcript


JASON FITZ: Arizona goes out and Arizona just absolutely-- it's not just that they beat the Cowboys, that's surprising. It's that they effectively ran the football throughout. They controlled the line of scrimmage, running the football against the Cowboys. Like they were basically saying, hey, Parsons, can't be a game wrecker if Parsons isn't getting the chance to rush our quarterback, so we're just going to run the ball down there.

Like, I don't know if there was a-- it was a flat day by the Cowboys, or if this was sort of like the secret sauce, but in the world of I can't believe we saw it, the Cowboys plummet in my power rankings in my mind because they got their butts kicked by the Cardinals, like Arizona.

FRANK SCHWAB: You don't see a double digit favorite lose too often. If they do, it's usually you know, kind of fluky field goal [? yet ?] the Cardinals kick their tails up and down the field. 222 yards rushing, 7.4 yards per rush. They did-- they pushed them around.

But on to Dallas, I think this was just a flat spot for them. But it doesn't matter. At the end of the day, you're in the division with the reigning NFC champions. You can't blow games like this. If you want to win the NFC East and not have to go on the road to San Francisco in round two like you did last year, can't blow games like this. You can't blow multiple opportunities in a red zone as they did.

I mean, Dak came out and said after the game, we lost a game in the red zone. And you did. They just did not execute down there as well as they had to. Credit to the Cardinals for that, too. But I think it was a flat spot for the Cowboys. I think they're fine. But, you know, I mean Trevon Diggs, you lose him, your defense looks completely different. You can't pin this all on Trevon Diggs not being there, right? He wouldn't have helped you that much avoid 222 yards rushing.

But it just-- everything fell apart for the Cowboys. Maybe they took him too lightly. Maybe there's a Diggs injury hangover after he blew out his ACL in practice this week. Whatever it was, the Cowboys can't do that again because already, like, you're going to regret this at the end of the day, when you're chasing the Eagles.