What does Logan Paulsen think of Ravens DC Mike Macdonald?

When asked to talk about the Ravens’ defensive coordinator, Mike Macdonald, I found it interesting that one NFL analyst, chose for the first thing to say in response was that Macdonald has several really talented players on his defense.

“Yes, he has a very decisive and innovative defensive vision, but also, he’s got ball players, man”, expressed Logan Paulsen on Friday. with Craig Hoffman on the “Take Command” podcast. “He’s got good pass rushers. He’s got guys who have bought into the scheme. And I think he deserves a little bit of the credit for that. The linebackers are playing better. Queen is playing the best football of his career. Roquan Smith is having a resurgence after languishing in Chicago for a while.”

Paulsen then likened Baltimore’s defense to the 49ers and Lions offenses. Both have talented players, and he thinks it is important to keep in mind with these three groups.

Paulsen feels Macdonald doesn’t run risky schemes, but they do disguise their structure well, which Paulsen has found helpful. “On third downs, they are looking to create overloads and protection (issues). They look at your protection and send overloads on the other side… they are not running anything you wouldn’t see from other good defensive coordinators, but they are good at disguising coverages and bringing overloads”, continued Paulsen.

“They are good at using their personnel, and those three things show me what kind of coach he is. They show me he is a really bright dude. They are doing complicated stuff and making it look easy. And I think that speaks to his coaching voice.”

Paulsen also added that Macdonald has surrounded himself with good people like defensive line coach Anthony Weaver, who also interviewed with the Commanders.

One other question Paulsen has regarding Macdonald is, because he is young, how many resourceful people does he have in his portfolio? That is, how much of a network, a coaching tree has he been able to develop?

Finally, Paulsen declared it cannot be overstated the Ravens offense has been scoring enough points, placing the defense in good positions throughout most games this season.


Story originally appeared on Commanders Wire