What does a dream 2024 offseason look like for the Boston Celtics?

What would an ideal 2024 NBA offseason look like for the Boston Celtics? Probably a lot less exciting than some fans of the team might like, but when you are dominating the league, how much do you really need to fix? This was the point of view of Bleacher Report’s Greg Swartz as well in a recent article on what every ball club in the Association might want for a dream offseason this summer. “The … Celtics’ roster should largely remain the same heading into next season, barring a total playoff collapse,” suggests Swartz, hinting that a repeat performance of last postseason for Boston could see bigger changes. Noting how virtually all of Boston’s key players are under contract through at least next season, he notes that with “Luke Kornet and Xavier Tillman Sr. becoming free agents, however, Boston may be forced to trade for some additional depth” on the cheap.

“The Celtics aren’t going to be big spenders in free agency, as this group is already projected to rack up an $85 million luxury-tax bill,” writes the B/R analyst. “There will be no star-chasing for Boston. If this team can add one more rotation piece and cut the tax bill, that will be as close to a dream trade as the Celtics can make.” Listen to the “Celtics Lab” podcast on:

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Story originally appeared on Celtics Wire