What does the DeAndre Hopkins trade mean for fantasy football?

Yahoo Sports' Matt Harmon breaks down the fantasy fallout from DeAndre Hopkins' stunning trade to the Arizona Cardinals.

Video Transcript

TOM LLAMAS: President Trump spoke in the White House briefing room along with his coronavirus task force led by Vice President Pence. Our Trevor Ault was inside the room. And Trevor, just yesterday, the vice president promised multiple times we would hear about this web site they said they were working on with Google to help out with testing, but there was some conflicting messages on that. What did the vice president say tonight? TREVOR AULT: Well, Tom, the vice president actually just answered this with some slight specificity. He says they're hoping sometime early this week, they can roll out a web site but not yet the full version of it. They think it's going to just be a questionnaire where people can determine whether or not they need to get tested on that. And then other than that, they're going to hope to roll further websites and local and state levels as well so people can figure out if they need to be tested, where they need to go. The vice president did say, Tom, that now there's testing available in all 50 states. TOM LLAMAS: All right, that's good news. And Trevor, the president spoke directly to the American people, urging Americans not to panic, that grocery stores will be stocked. Let's listen to what he had to say. DONALD TRUMP: They're going to work 24 hours, around the clock, keeping their stores stocked. I would like to say that people shouldn't go out and buy-- we're going to all be great. We're going to be so good. TOM LLAMAS: All right, Trevor, the president saying he spoke with the heads of grocery store companies today? TREVOR AULT: Yeah. And Tom, not only that, the president said the heads of those grocery stores asked him to ask the American people to slow down their grocery shopping. He said they promise they'll meet the needs of the American people. And they said there is no shortage of supplies. They said the reason everyone is seeing all those empty shelves is because people are buying three to five times what they normally need. Tom? TOM LLAMAS: All right, Trevor Ault with that important update. Trevor, thank you.