Does Brandon Aiyuk have more potential than Tee Higgins? | Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast

Yahoo Fantasy’s Matt Harmon is joined by Underdog Fantasy’s Josh Norris to discuss recent trade talk surrounding the two fourth-year wide receivers.

Video Transcript


JOSH NORRIS: Quick question, did you see all this stuff about Brandon Aiyuk, of how teams were calling the 49ers and they wanted to trade for him and how I think he's about to enter his fifth year option, and like--

MATT HARMON: This will be his fourth-- this will be his fourth year. So they have the fourth year and the fifth year option. So theoretically they have two years left with Aiyuk.

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JOSH NORRIS: And like down the road, can you pay all these guys, and I mean, I think you agree with me-- and I don't want to speak for you-- I think Brandon Aiyuk is-- I'm not going to say one of the more underappreciated wide receivers, but like I think he can take that next jump.

You would know this much more than I could. I would love a platform for him to show that like on a truly weekly basis.


JOSH NORRIS: Because I think he can. And it doesn't shock me at all that other teams are kind of calling around, if like they were trying to get ahead of it, like they were with the DeForest Buckner trade, when you couldn't pay also Arik Armstead and a few other players at the same time on defensive line.


MATT HARMON: I think that was basically thrown out there as, yeah, teams, because of I'm sure shoot out. I would call about Brandon Aiyuk absolutely. But I don't think they're not really interested in trading him.

JOSH NORRIS: OK, hypothetical magical alternate universe, Bengals fans, and I'm with them, saying we are not trading Tee Higgins, Forty-Niners fans, I'm with them, are not trading Brandon Aiyuk. If Matt Harmon had to pick between Brandon Aiyuk and Tee Higgins as the wide receiver you trade for, who is it?

MATT HARMON: Oh, people are going to hate this. But it would be Aiyuk, without a question.

JOSH NORRIS: I'm with you.


MATT HARMON: And I love Tee Higgins. I think Tee Higgins is a really, really good player. But I think in terms of a guy that's only scratched the surface of his potential, I think that's Aiyuk. And by the way, in his third season, a year after a disaster of a year.

And I know, again I know this better than anybody, but a disaster of a year in 2021. I think he was one of the best receivers in the NFL in his third season. And again, he leads the team in all relevant receiving categories. There's injuries to other guys, but still, and I'm saying that guy has just scratched the surface of his potential.

It would easily be Aiyuk. And I actually wonder like compensation-wise, it'd probably be pretty similar between Higgins and Aiyuk. But just straight up as a player, I think Aiyuk is better and has a higher ceiling.