What does BMS mean on TikTok? It's a huge compliment

TikTokers have invented yet another new acronym. The next time you see "BMS" in your comment section, rejoice because it's actually a compliment about your looks. BMS stands for "broke my scale" on social media. However, it doesn't refer to a weight scale. Users are actually talking about their attractiveness scales. You can expect to see "BMS" in the TikTok comment section when somebody finds the creator to be physically pleasing. Ultimately, it's another way of saying, "On a scale of one to 10, you're an 11" . When @gwizzle_ couldn't get the beauty calculator filter to work she used the hashtag #BMS. "It's not working. I'mma just think I'm too pretty," she said. The user @savalejandra poked fun at her younger self for posting "thirst traps" to find a boyfriend who would leave comments like "rate: bms" on her posts. Although Savonna Smith did celebrate the time she "broke the scale in my bathroom"