How Does Ben Affleck's Net Worth Stack Up to Bruce Wayne's?

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Ben Affleck, the Batman star and current boyfriend of J.Lo, makes a lot of money. Maybe not enough to have his own secret lair and crime-fighting arsenal of weapons and vehicles, but still pretty impressive.

For decades the actor, producer, writer, and director has helmed Oscar-winning films and made a name for himself in action films, dramas, comedies and TV shows. The 48-year-old has no shortage of iconic roles, appearing in the Jay and Silent Bob franchise, the award-winning Argo, and Good Will Hunting alongside Matt Damon. Of course one of his most recent and well-known roles is taking on the mantle of DC’s Batman.

With two Oscars, three Golden Globes and other awards, with each film Affleck garners a bigger and bigger paycheck. According to Celebrity Net Worth, two of his major paydays came from the films “Daredevil” and “Gigli,” which earned Affleck $11.5 and 12.5 million respectively.

And it doesn’t look like his paychecks are slowing down anytime soon. According to Forbes, Affleck has already collected salaries for his upcoming films “The Last Duel” and “Hypnotic,” with each garnering around eight-figures. And that’s before their releases.

As for his Batman appearances, there isn’t readily available information online about his payout for the films, but according to Forbes he received a “huge paycheck” for Dawn of Justice. In 2014, the actor earned $35 million. No doubt that number increased with his subsequent films, including Batman V. Superman and the controversial Justice League.

Here’s everything we know about Ben Affleck’s earnings and net worth.

In 2020, Ben Affleck earned $55 Million.

According to Forbes, Affleck earned $55 million last year. The actor starred in two films in 2020, including the emotional drama The Way Back, about an alcoholic who returns to his alma mater to coach their basketball team. Deadline reported the film earned $13.6 million in theaters. It also earned Affleck a People’s Choice nomination.

Ben Affleck’s net worth is estimated at $150 million.

Celebrity Net Worth reports his most up-to-date net worth is $150 million. In 2021, Affleck is ramping up his film work. He’s set to appear in The Last Duel, which will also star Matt Damon, Jodie Comer, and Adam Driver. In the next year, he’ll also reprise his role of Batman in an upcoming Flash movie. IMDb says he’s acting and producing in at least four other upcoming projects. So that net worth? It’s about to get a lot bigger.

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