Dodgers troll Giants with Max Muncy vs. Madison Bumgarner homer bobblehead

Jessica Kleinschmidt
NBC Sports BayArea

Too soon? Nah -- never too soon. 

Giants fans still could have a fresh memory in their minds of a ball that landed in McCovey Cove off the bat of Los Angeles Dodgers infielder Max Muncy last June. The home run itself wasn't what made fans cringe, but the exchange between Muncy and Madison Bumgarner sure will.

Muncy smacked the solo bomb that traveled 426 into the water and pimped out the home run with a pointing action. It wasn't something MadBum liked at all. Muncy exchanged some words with the southpaw who walked toward him as he rounded first base

The Dodgers wanted to relive that moment with a bobblehead of Muncy after he hit the homer ... and they wanted to give it away during the Opening Series ... when the team hosts the Giants.

Because apparently acquiring one of the best outfielders in the league in Mookie Betts wasn't enough to add to the Dodgers' confidence.

What a troll job -- and the bobblehead was birthed from Muncy's own troll job of MadBum after that blast.

Following the homer, it turns out the words the two exchanged became very well-known. Muncy, during the postgame interview, was asked what was said.

Bumgarner said "Don't watch the ball. You run." Muncy responded by saying, "If you don't want me to watch the ball, you can go get it out of the ocean."

There were T-shirts made and Muncy, along with his wife, Kellie, didn't have any problem showing them off.

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Bumgarner, now with the  Arizona Diamondbacks, will still face Muncy a good amount this season. Wonder if the Dodgers will send him one?

You can relive the home run in the video atop this article. 

Dodgers troll Giants with Max Muncy vs. Madison Bumgarner homer bobblehead originally appeared on NBC Sports Bay Area

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