Dodgers fan loses fries, then pizza chasing two different foul balls

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Depending on your perspective, this Los Angeles Dodgers fan is either blessed by the baseball gods or a victim of circumstance.

Most baseball fans go their entire lives without the opportunity to catch a foul. One fan had the good fortune of seeing two come his way during his team’s tough 2-1 loss against the San Francisco Giants on Wednesday.

What could be wrong with that, you ask?

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He had his hand full with food both times. Our hero in the blue Corey Seager jersey had a container full of french fries when the first foul ball headed his way. His priority was clear.

Fan chooses baseball over food

He cradled his fries in his right arm while making a barehanded effort to catch the ball with his left hand. When he failed to make the highlight-reel snag, it was time for the fries to go.

He dumped his fries over the seats in front of him while battling with other fans for the fallen ball. Fortunately for his effort, he came up with the prize for his sacrifice.

Another baseball, another snack

Later in the game our hero, still hungry after losing his fries, made a menu change, opting for what looks like pizza. And another foul ball came his way.

He used a similar same strategy this time, holding his pizza in his right hand while attempting to snag the ball with his left. Again, he failed to make the catch, and the ball bounced across the aisle, likely into the hands of a competing fan.

If you’re keeping score, he’s up one baseball and down an order of fries and a slice of pizza.

What's more valuable — ballpark fries or a foul ball? (Getty)
What's more valuable — ballpark fries or a foul ball? (Getty)

We’re not sure exactly where he got his food, but if he ordered the garlic fries popular at Oracle Park, he’s down $8.95, according to pricing in a Yelp review. We didn’t find pizza pricing, but will conservatively estimate that a slice costs the same amount as the fries.

Was it worth it?

By that math, he’s down at least $18. But he got a baseball. And some video footage for posterity.

But we’re guessing if he had it to do over again, he would have held on to his pizza and let his friend sitting next to him go for that second foul ball. Instead, he lost his slice and neither of them came up with ball No. 2.

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