Doc Rivers, Sixers assess the play of Isaiah Joe, youngsters in camp

CHARLESTON, S.C.–The Philadelphia 76ers know what they have with their top players in Joel Embiid, James Harden, Tyrese Maxey, and the others, but the real questions surround the bottom of the roster and how they fit into the team’s future.

Guys like Isaiah Joe, Trevelin Queen, Julian Champagnie, and Jaden Springer will all have to prove themselves in order to earn a spot and help the team succeed.

As the team wrapped up training camp from Charleston, SC on Sunday afternoon, coach Doc Rivers gave his assessment of players such as Joe and the other youngsters during their week of camp.

“We had a little youngsters scrimmage at the end of practice,” Rivers said. “They all played well. Isaiah had a good camp. Trevelin had a good camp. Julian had a terrific camp. A lot of the young guys played well.”

A big problem with a lot of young players is their tendency to rush things and want to prove that they can play at this level. Veteran Montrezl Harrell saw some of that with this young group, but he was happy with what he saw.

“Just like any group of young guys look, man,” said Harrell. “They’re always eager to learn, definitely looking to get better at every position, always wanna be on the floor. I think they gotta slow down a little bit, but that’s with any other rookie, man.”

Technically, the young players on Philadelphia’s roster, outside of Champagnie, are not rookies. However, with the lack of experience that group has, they might as well be rookies.

“You come into the NBA and you’re finally here,” Harrell continued. “You wanna do everything right, you wanna prove to the coaches that you’re locked in and do the things that they ask. So they’re just eager to be out there on the floor which causes them to rush a couple things, but other than that, guys are great, man. They came in here ready to work and I think everybody has the right mindset going into the season.”

The Sixers will give those younger players a chance as they move into their preseason opener on Monday against the Brooklyn Nets.


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Story originally appeared on Sixers Wire