Doc Rivers literally laughs at the ‘stupid’ thought of dealing Blake Griffin for Carmelo Anthony (Video)

On Sunday, ESPN’s Chris Broussard offered up a much-derided report revealing the internal discussions the Los Angeles Clippers and New York Knicks supposedly had about dealing Knick forward Carmelo Anthony to Los Angeles for Clipper brusier Blake Griffin.

We’ll get into the ridiculousness of both the trade and report later, but first we’d like to pass along Clipper coach (and de facto general manager) Doc Rivers’ reaction to Broussard and ESPN’s work:

This isn’t to lob at ESPN. The team’s television station and various websites have plenty of diligent, talented people that are worth reading when it comes to analysis, and trusting when it comes to reporting news.

This is to lob at Broussard’s “stupid” (Rivers’ words … and ours) report, however.

Passing off a “the Knicks have thought about offering this terrible trade, but haven’t yet” chatter as news is demeaning to the reader, and I say that as the guy that sometimes has to post about Dwight Howard dunking on a toy giraffe (it was the lockout, nothing was going on, but at least I didn’t turn one team’s talk into a fake trade rumor). Broussard wrote that the “Clippers appear to be the more apprehensive” about a potential deal involving those two, and told his readers that a “source close to the situation said the Clippers' latest internal discussion ended in favor of keeping Griffin.”

Which is weird, because he also wrote that the two teams hadn’t actually talked about such a swap. So it’s just wonderful, internet hit-creating kismet that both the Knicks and Clippers happened to be thinking about such a trade without having talked to each other, and Broussard has a source in both camps?

That would also have you believing that the Clippers would spend more than three words (“Blake for Carmelo?”) talking about the trade before falling into convulsions of laughter.

Toss out Anthony’s reputation as a selfish player, a gunner who isn’t efficient enough to run a team on a Kevin Durant-styled level. Honestly, let all that pass. Consider dealing a 24-year old All-Star who is beloved in the community and signed through 2018 for a 29-year old who will be 30 when he opts out of his contract this summer in order to make nearly $25 million a year until 2019 – it’s absurd. Even if you’re still of the misguided notion that Blake Griffin is all flash and only full of showy dunks, this is still a laughable proposal.

To then make a “non-story” (Rivers’ words … and mine) out of it, just because it tips off (New York, Los Angeles, Carmelo and Blake Griffin, trades) on all the things that click? Why not throw in some kitten .gifs while you’re at it?

We made a point not to touch it, here at BDL. That changed when Doc Rivers sent us into fits of giggling with his pregame takedown of Chris Broussard’s work. Thanks for the hits, Doc.

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Kelly Dwyer is an editor for Ball Don't Lie on Yahoo Sports. Have a tip? Email him at or follow him on Twitter!

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