Doc Rivers, Jim Boylen ejected at the same time in bizarre moment (video)

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Seeing a coach ejected is a rarity in sports. But having coaches of both teams get sent off? At the same time? Now that’s bizarre.

It happened on Friday late in the third quarter of a game between the Los Angeles Clippers and Chicago Bulls at Staples Center, when both Doc Rivers and Jim Boylen were ejected after arguing with each other at the scorers table.

The incident happened after an illegal screen call on Clippers forward Montrezl Harrell. According to the Clippers’ broadcast, Boylen had some words for Harrell, to which Rivers took exception. They then started jawing at each other, prompting the referees to send them both to the locker room early.

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Boylen slapped fives with his players before walking out, while Rivers stared in disbelief before heading to his locker room.

Ironically, Boylen praised Rivers as a coach of the year candidate pregame:

The two teams — and coaches — are on different wavelengths at the moment. The Clippers have won six of seven after beating the Bulls, 128-121, to help solidify their playoff chances. They have a promising future and are led by a veteran coach in Rivers.

Boylen, meanwhile, took over midseason after Fred Hoiberg was fired. The Bulls are 19-51 and are in the midst of a rebuild.

The barbs continued after the game, with Rivers claiming that Boylen accused the Clippers of dirty screens and Rivers responding by explaining Boylen how to coach against screens.

So, that gave us a historic moment in a random late-season Friday night game: the double coach ejection.

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