Doc Rivers describes what makes Warriors' best play so tough to guard

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In Steph Curry and Draymond Green, the Golden State Warriors possess one of the best pick-and-roll combinations in the history of the NBA.

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That is not hyperbole.

Head coach Steve Kerr has repeatedly said that the Dubs could run a pick-and-roll every play with Curry and get incredible results. 

But he wants a lot of ball and player movement because he believes it's better in the long run if everybody is involved on the offensive end.

Therefore, the Dubs constantly cut and pass and screen and don't let the defense stand still. They still get incredible, historic results.

And there is one play, in particular, that is a nightmare for the opposition.

Usually, it's Kevin Durant with the ball and Draymond Green setting the screen for Curry. But with KD out for the Western Conference finals, it was Draymond passing and Looney screening.

Enes Kanter (first clip) and Zach Collins (second clip) are stuck in no-man's land as they ignore Looney and end up getting burned.

"It is their single best play and the hardest one to guard," Clippers head coach Doc Rivers told ESPN's Zach Lowe recently. "You have to recognize the guy you are not guarding on purpose is now setting a screen, and run back up, and that is really hard.

"You cannot get paralyzed."

But defenders do get paralyzed all the time.

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"They cause a lot of confusion," Blazers big man Meyers Leonard told Lowe. "It's incredibly difficult to be a help defender and then be up at the screen. It feels awkward.

"Help defense against the Warriors is totally different when they are playing that old Warriors style. It's not normal. You never know what's coming."

Just the way Kerr likes it...

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