Dobbie blanks out Glasgow's previous South Africa struggles

Jamie Dobie believes Glasgow have "developed" their away form this season as they prepare for a double-header in South Africa.

The Warriors have lost three of seven fixtures on the road so far. Last season, they lost five in total and the year before that, seven.

"We've developed our game away from home a lot this season," Dobie said. "There were points in the last few years when we struggled to get many results away from home.

"If we do need to travel for any play-off matches, we can still be confident with our game. The aim is to finish at the top and to have the potential of a home run-in, if we can stay performing well and winning those play-off matches as well."

Glasgow haven't won in South Africa since beat the Cheetahs in Bloemfontein in 2018 - but Dobie insists his side are not thinking about that.

"It's definitely doable," the scrum-half said. "We've seen teams go out there and perform. Munster have gone and got two wins on their trip and they've obviously had a lot of success out there.

"The past and our previous results aren't influencing much about how we feel about this trip. We know how important the matches are and how big getting wins out there would be for us. If you're looking too much at the past results, it could play in your head a bit, but that's not in our mindset at all."

Dobie also admitted it was time for one of Glasgow's international scrum-halves to move on, weeks after it was announced Ali Price had played his last game for the Warriors.

"At some point, with the group that we had, it probably didn't make sense for us all to be in Glasgow any more," he said. "It just so happens that Ali made the decision to go to Edinburgh.

"It means I've got a bit more time on the pitch to play in these big matches, which is what I need for my development."