Do $5 clearance Big Baller Brand T-shirts spell the official end of LaVar Ball's brand?

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Does the apparent demise of Big Baller Brand signal the end of LaVar Ball's time as a public figure? (Getty)
Does the apparent demise of Big Baller Brand signal the end of LaVar Ball's time as a public figure? (Getty)

Lonzo Ball is wearing Nikes.

He’s sued a Big Baller Brand co-founder for an alleged “fraudulent scheme.”

He’s covered up his Big Baller Brand tattoo.

And now he’s left the bright lights of Los Angeles for the relative obscurity of New Orleans, where any shot he had at being a visible spokesmen will be lost.

The demise of Big Baller Brand has been evident for a long time.

But nothing quite nails it home like a $5 clearance sale.

L.A. Sports radio, a Twitter account dedicated to the L.A. sports radio scene, spotted a Big Baller Brand booth at a local volleyball tournament over the weekend. The company appears to be in everything-must-go mode.

If you can’t read the white board in that image, here are some of the highlights:

“Clearance Sale”

“Cash only”

“T-shirts $5”

“Hats $5”

“Hoodies $15”

“Shorts 20”

For $100, lucky customers could have gotten a package that included shoes, a hoodie, a T-shirt and a pair of socks.

Not a bad deal considering that the first pair of Big Baller Brand “ZO2” shoes were sold for $495 and may or may not have eventually arrived months after online orders. Those delivery struggles and unresponsive customer service helped prompt an “F” rating from the Better Business Bureau.

On Sunday, lucky customers could have walked home with a pair of shoes and an outfit to match at an 80 percent discount.

So yeah. If the website that’s still under construction and a report that the Ball family was considering shuttering the brand didn’t convince you that Big Baller Brand was done, this photo of a sad booth operator shilling clearance merchandise at a volleyball tournament should.

The news leaves one prevalent question — does the brand’s demise also signal the end of LaVar Ball’s time as a public figure?

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