DK Metcalf with the whole scoop on the cart ride to, um, poop

Seattle Seahawks wide receiver DK Metcalf was a guest Tuesday on Up & Adams, the FanDuel TV show hosted by former Good Morning Football talent Kay Adams.

Of course, the conversation got around to the cart ride Metcalf was given to the locker room in Detroit, which Adams described as “the bowel movement that shook the NFL.”

Metcalf explained how he felt the need to go but then was okay and returned to the field for a couple of plays before realizing he needed relief. There is some salty language in the video.

He said he was surprised it became big news, going viral.

“If anybody has played in Detroit, they know it is a long— walk from the locker room to the field,” he said. “And I was not going to make that walk.”

There were some options — unacceptable ones — presented to Metcalf by head coach Pete Carroll.



Story originally appeared on Touchdown Wire