DK Metcalf makes ESPN’s list of the NFL’s top 10 wide receivers

ESPN’s positional rankings haven’t been kind to the Seattle Seahawks. While a few players have gotten honorable mentions and votes, only one of them actually made the cut for the top 10 rankings at their respective spots.

That would be the greatest athlete on the roster – wide receiver DK Metcalf. He came in at No. 8 on ESPN’s rankings, which were determined by polling anonymous league executives, scouts and head coaches. Here’s what they had to say about No. 14 heading into his fifth year in the NFL.

“Evaluators are a bit torn on Metcalf, who, despite his obvious and massive talent, has surpassed 1,050 receiving yards only once in four seasons.  ‘I haven’t seen enough,’ a high-ranking NFL exec said. ‘I’m waiting for him to take this step where he consistently plays as good as he looks. To me, not quite there… But Metcalf vaulted two spots year over year because of everything he brings to the table… And he has produced in the playoffs. Metcalf joins Larry Fitzgerald and Randy Moss as the only players in postseason history with 450 receiving yards and five touchdowns over their first four playoff games.”

It sounds harsh but they’re not wrong. Metcalf has all the physical tools that he needs to be the most-dominant wide receiver in the sport. At the moment, that title belongs to Justin Jefferson of the Vikings. In order to catch up, Metcalf will need to bring that playoff production to every Sunday. Once he’s able to maintain that intensity and focus throughout the season, there will be no stopping him.

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