DK Metcalf got carted off the field ... because he really needed to use the bathroom

When nature calls, there's not much you can do. Seattle Seahawks wide receiver DK Metcalf learned that Sunday, getting carted off the field so he could go to the bathroom. No, really.

Seahawks fans were momentarily in the throes of depression when Fox cameras captured Metcalf leaving the field on a cart.

Given that the cart is usually used when a player is dealing with a significant injury, there was speculation over what happened to Metcalf. Would he miss the rest of the season? Are thousands of fantasy teams ruined in an instance?

No. Metcalf just really had to go to the bathroom, according to TV broadcaster Jen Hale.

Metcalf confirmed that report after the game, and offered up a little too much information about why he needed the cart.

Just so that fantasy managers aren't concerned, Metcalf was able to return to the field. He did not receive a target the rest of the way, but finished the game with 149 receiving yards.

The Seahawks won the contest 48-45. Metcalf led the team in receiving.

DK Metcalf with the Seahawks.
DK Metcalf missed time Sunday, but it wasn't due to an injury. (Photo by Jane Gershovich/Getty Images)

DK Metcalf takes the Paul Pierce route to the bathroom

Somehow, there is evidence this has happened before. Boston Celtics star Paul Pierce admitted he really needed to use the bathroom when he took a wheelchair off the court in the 2008 NBA Finals against the Los Angeles Lakers.

It took years for Pierce to admit to that rumor. When asked why he needed a wheelchair to leave the court, Pierce said, "Something went down." Pierce, thankfully, did not elaborate.

If anything similar happened to Metcalf, don't expect to find out about it anytime soon.