DK Metcalf admits his effort wasn’t where it needed to be Week 1

This isn’t exactly what fans want to hear from stars of their favorite teams, especially high profile ones like wide receiver DK Metcalf. The Seattle Seahawks were bullied by the Rams, and a complete a loss as it was across the board, it’s hard to pin the blame on any one aspect.

But one player who did not have a particularly good Sunday was Metcalf. Although he hauled in the only touchdown of the afternoon, Metcalf’s day was defined by a dirty hit on cornerback Ahkello Witherspoon and a taunting penalty that helped kill the last promising drive the Seahawks had.

Metcalf recently spoke out about how he felt his effort wasn’t where it needed to be.

While this obviously is not what the 12’s want to hear – especially since effort is the only thing any player can directly control at any and every given moment – it is encouraging to hear Metcalf take accountability.

A lot has been said this week about Metcalf needing to do that more, and the commentary on his maturity in games has rightly been a discussion after yet another hot headed penalty. However, credit where credit is due, owning up to mistakes is part of the growing process.

Here’s hoping the lessons learned (or re-learned) in Week 1 start to set in with the fifth year veteran.

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Story originally appeared on Seahawks Wire