DJ Burns has the attention of the NFL during NC State’s Final Four run

When people think of North Carolina State and the Final Four, they usually think of Jim Valvano and his run in 1983. In 2024, there is a new player that has become a star for the Wolfpack while also getting the country’s and even the NFL’s attention.

DJ Burns as been dominating college basketball with his size and footwork and evidently NFL front offices can’t help themselves but wonder.

Senior Bowl Director Jim Nagy says the NFL has been watching the NC State star closely. He first suggested this during their Sweet Sixteen game, but after their latest upset over Duke, it appears the madness has left March and entered the NFL.

Burns is listed on the team’s site as being 6’9″ and 295 pounds. Nagy points out that he could be a lot of fun watching kick out and block but maybe he could play inside the defensive line.

The Vikings have needs at both offensive line and defensive line, just throwing it out into the universe.

Story originally appeared on Vikings Wire