DJ apologizes after performing at 'small house party'

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A New York City DJ is apologizing

after facing a wave of backlash for

performing at a “small house party".

The DJ, Alec Brian, addressed the

controversial performance, which took place

amid the city’s ongoing stay at home order.

“Just to clear things up, I was asked to

DJ a small house party,” Brian wrote.

“I have been taking all precautions to

socially distance, wear a mask and hand

washing very seriously to stop the spread".

Brian went on to say that, due

to the current social distancing

mandate, he is currently unemployed .

and used the opportunity to get

some “needed money to pay my bills".

“If I have insulted anyone or made anyone feel

uncomfortable by this event, I sincerely apologize

as that was certainly not my intent,” Brian added.

The posts drew a series of negative comments,

with Facebook users calling the performance

“outrageous” and “disappointing".

"Even a ‘small’ house party is a house party,”

one user wrote. “You haven’t insulted or made

us uncomfortable, you’ve *endangered* us".

Some Facebook users were much

more sympathetic, accepting Brian’s

apology as an opportunity for growth.

“Nobody is perfect and I am not going

to judge you. Take care of yourself

and try to do better,” one user wrote

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