Dispatch audio from arrest of Chiefs linebacker Willie Gay Jr. sheds light on charge

Tammy Ljungblad/tljungblad@kcstar.com

Police dispatch audio in the arrest of Chiefs linebacker Willie Gay Jr. reveals that he allegedly showed up at an Overland Park apartment and refused to leave, according to audio from Broadcastify.com.

Gay was arrested late Wednesday night and faces a misdemeanor charge of criminal damage to property under $1,000, which constitutes a domestic violence offense, according to the complaint filed by the Johnson County District Attorney’s Office.

Gay pleaded not guilty on Thursday and has been released on bond.

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The dispatch audio, which includes allegations not included in the charge, indicates that a woman called 911 shortly after 9:30 p.m. saying that her child’s father had shown up at the apartment and was refusing to leave.

The woman stayed on the line with dispatchers during most of the confrontation. The dispatch audio doesn’t include the conversation between the woman and the 911 operator. Rather, it is the interaction between officers and dispatchers responding to the call.

Officers were dispatched to the apartment shortly after 9:30 p.m.

“RP (reporting party) advises that her child’s father came over without permission and now refusing to leave,” dispatchers told responding officers. “Black male, born in ‘98. There are weapons in the bedroom closet. RP stating they’re unloaded. Unknown if the male subject has any weapons on him or not.”


Shortly thereafter the dispatcher updated the officers on the call.

“RP advises the male subject has been violent with the RP in the past,” the dispatcher said. “Also advised that it’s possible he will be violent with officers. He drives a black Dodge. RP thinks it’s a Charger. And he’s currently in the living room.”

Police upgraded the call to to a physical disturbance, saying that the male subject had touched her and that he was throwing things around the apartment.

“The line has disconnected and the female is screaming ‘don’t touch me, get off of me,’” the dispatcher said.

Officers asked dispatchers for a description of the man and his vehicle. Dispatchers responded that it was a black Dodge, believed to be a Charger.


“We’ll let you know if we get anything better,” the dispatcher said. “The subject is going to be about 6-1, 235 pounds according to Google.”

About 9:40 p.m., officers arrive and report that Gay is no longer there.

“Everything is stable here,” the officer reported. “The male left before we got here.”