Disney gives behind-the-scenes tour of Cinderella Castle suite

Disney is giving its TikTok followers a look at one of the most exclusive parts of Walt Disney World Resort that only a few lucky fans are actually able to see in person: the Cinderella Castle suite. Today, it’s virtually impossible to book the Cinderella Castle suite. You can stay there by invite, charity auction or contest only; Disney has apparently turned down as much as a $40,000-a-night offer to book the room. Given the exclusivity of the Cinderella Castle suite, fans were naturally overjoyed when Disney decided to do a behind-the-scenes tour on TikTok. On Jan. 9, the official Disney Parks account took fans around the suite, which is literally right out of a fairy tale. The suite is just as magical as you might imagine: Past the entrance is a welcoming fireplace with a portrait of Cinderella above it. Guests can enjoy the warmth of the fireplace from either of the two massive beds, both of which have the letter “C” above them for Prince Charming. Elsewhere in the room is a mirror which, like magic, turns into a television right before your eyes