This dishwasher cleaning hack is blowing people's minds

Did you know that you have to actually clean your dishwasher?. According to a TikTok video making the rounds, most dishwashers have a filter that needs to be cleaned relatively often. Public service announcement: Dishwashers have filters and you should clean them,”. TikTok user Darbi McGlone says in her video, which has more than 21,000 likes. In the video, she shows viewers where to find the filter and demonstrates how to safely remove it for cleaning. Some TikTok users have made side-by-side videos... with McGlone’s original video showing their dirty filters next to her recently cleaned one. In one video, user Bailey Rose displays a look of shock and horror... as she takes her disgustingly dirty dishwasher filter out for the first time. “Ummm, WTF. Tiktok has taught me more than school ever will…,”. she captioned her video, which has more than 239,000 likes