Disc golf tournament rounds out Maple City Ice Bowl

Jan. 7—DUNLAP — At Ox Bow Park Saturday, disc golf was the game, and reducing food insecurity was the target.

Bryce Canen, Dunlap, took part in the disc golf tournament at the park, the Saturday portion of the Maple City Ice Bowl, and fundraiser for The Window in Goshen, the event having begun Friday with the annual Fire and Ice Festival beginning at noon Friday with ice carving downtown.

"We're all happy to be out here and help raise some money for The Window," Canen said.

Event Director Jason Samuel said that as of early afternoon the event was "phenomenal."

"This is the largest single disc golf tournament in the 33-year history of Ox Bow," he said.

The event course was made up of 54 holes, scattered around the park, with 108 players taking part, tossing and throwing discs into target baskets.

"It's just like golf, only better," as Chris Berg of Osceola described it, as he started out on the the course shortly after lunch.

Set up at Stable Shelter 7, the event also featured a raffle scheduled for later Saturday afternoon, as well as discs, sports towels, coaster and other items on display.

Dressed warmly for the cold, players made their way around the course, many carrying disc golf basket carts along with them.

Samuel, who is also a professor of communications at Goshen College, noted that people had come out to support The Window in Saturday's cold, cloudy weather for a good cause.

"We live in a great community," he said, adding that The Window serves about 900 families each month, about 35 percent more than this time last year. "The fight against food insecurity is one of the most important issues today."

Donations are still being accepted for the event. To donate, visit

Steve Wilson is news editor for The Goshen News. You can reach him at