Dirk Nowitzki knows what day it is, is not a camel (Video)

It is now late August, a time when massively important NBA updates include not particularly surprising retirements and misspelled tattoos. While these stories contain their own opportunities to take stock of the basketball landscape and/or basic enjoyment, it's fair to say that they do not feature the essential pleasures of watching the best players in the sport on a nightly basis. We prefer the season itself for a reason. There's a simple joy to watching — even just anticipating — a real basketball game.

It's easy, then, to identify with Dirk Nowitzki in the most recent video from the ever-clever Dallas Mavericks media team (via PBT). In the spot, an enthused Dirk walks through one of the team's office asking everyone if they know what day it is, in parody of the GEICO spot in which a camel does the same (it is Wednesday, because "Hump Day," and camels have humps). Except, in this case, it's game day, because Dirk is a basketball player, not a camel.

It's a cute ad, as well as a twist on the GEICO commercial. In that ad, the camel stands in for every annoying office mate — we identify with the other workers, not the braying animal. In the Mavs version, though, Dirk is our proxy, a man who loves basketball. If anything, the other people in the office need to get more excited.

The only way to get them to do that, I suppose, is by ordering season tickets. What a neat trick!

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