Dirk Nowitzki was inspired by Victor Oladipo, but got owned by his trainer

Dirk Nowitzki, who is almost 40, isn’t in the playoffs with the Dallas Mavericks this season. But he’s not letting that get him down. He was inspired by Victor Oladipo’s “When do we start?” text to his trainer after the Indiana Pacers were eliminated, and decided to send his trainer a text of his own.

Only it didn’t quite go the way he planned.

That’s some serious ownage right there. “I told you 4yrs ago that you were done 4yrs ago?” Harsh! The only thing that’s missing is a “your mama” joke.

Nowitzki is currently recovering from early April ankle surgery, so hopefully his trainer will consent to work out his aged, nearly 40-year-old body once he’s fully healed. (As long as he has 561 Bitcoin, of course.) But since no one is better at roasting himself than Dirk Nowitzki, maybe we’ll eventually see proof of those calendar-spanning sprints. If they’re anything like this kid’s sprints, he’s got a lot of work to do.

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