Dirk Nowitzki, country boy at heart, joins the Avett Brothers on stage with tambourine in hand (VIDEO)

The Avett Brothers are a North Carolina-based outfit with country leanings, led by the brothers Avett — Scott and Seth. And because their sounds are both accessible and full of good cheer, to say nothing of the tunes sounding easily stompable, why wouldn't Dallas Mavericks superstar Dirk Nowitzki be "fired up" about attending an Avett Brothers show as the group made its way through Texas?

And why wouldn't the Avett Brothers, brothers in rhythm as well as name, hand the reigning NBA Finals MVP a tambourine and ask that he join them in what appeared to be their encore performance at Sunday night's show, taking on their tune "I Killed Sally's Lover" from the group's 2003 LP, "A Carolina Jubilee"? Seems to make sense for all involved. Better yet, why not take a look of a fan's documentation of the Brothers' addition to their rhythm section? Via's All Ball: