Diontae Johnson fined $25k for ripping NFL officials after Steelers loss to Jaguars

Diontae Johnson knew it would happen before the words even came out of his mouth. He must’ve figured the fine notification he’d get a few days later would be worth it.

On Saturday, Johnson was fined $25k for comments stemming from the Pittsburgh Steelers’ loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 8.

“They was calling some stupid stuff,” a fed-up Johnson said after the game. “They should get fined for calling bad, making worse, terrible calls and stuff like that. That’s how pissed I am. They cost us the game. I don’t care what nobody say. They cost us the game.”

“They wanted them to win, bro,” Johnson added. “They was calling, everything was in their favor. They was getting every little call, but it is what it is.”

The Steelers have been fined for 20 infractions this season, totaling $404,082. According to the NFL rule book’s accountability section, “fines collected are donated to the Professional Athletes Foundation to support legends in need and the NFL Foundation to further support the health, safety and wellness of athletes across all levels, including youth football and the communities that support the game.”

Story originally appeared on Steelers Wire