Dinners with DeMar DeRozan – Episode 1: Draymond Green

In the first episode of his new series “Dinners With Demar,” NBA star and former USC basketball legend DeMar DeRozan sat down for a conversation on mental health with friend and fellow NBA star Draymond Green.

“To say this series is groundbreaking would be an understatement.” – USA TODAY

The mental health angle with Draymond Green might be overplayed. Draymond’s antics and behavior on the court might not reflect a “mental health issue” with Draymond, a player who merely seems to lack self-control to an alarming extent. That point should be mentioned. However, even if you might be skeptical of Draymond Green as a specific example of (or spokesman for) mental health awareness in the NBA, it’s still a good thing that two prominent and successful athletes are talking about mental health. The conversation matters less because Draymond Green is part of it. It matters more because two very visible NBA stars are talking to each other about an issue which deserves more attention and recognition. Kudos to DeMar DeRozan for making this happen.

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Story originally appeared on Trojans Wire