Dillon Brooks gives Warriors star Steph Curry backhanded compliment

Brooks gives Steph backhanded 'mentally strong' compliment originally appeared on NBC Sports Bayarea

Memphis Grizzlies forward Dillon Brooks is an agitator who wants to get under his opponent's skin, whether it's physically or verbally, as the Warriors' Gary Payton II and Klay Thompson well know.

Brooks also knows whom he can rattle on the court after six NBA seasons. Steph Curry isn't one of those people, though, a fact that Brooks recently shared, along with an odd backhanded compliment for the Warriors superstar.

"He's seen everything, had all types of defenders guard him," Brooks told ESPN's Tim Keown in an interview. "Every play is for him, illegal screens every single night, but he's one guy who is mentally strong when he plays against me."

OK then ...

Regardless, Brooks has tried to get under Curry and Co.'s skin, even after the whistle. Last May, the Grizzlies star called the Warriors' core "old" after Golden State eliminated Memphis en route to its 2022 NBA championship.

"He's said a lot of crazy things," Curry told The Athletic's Sam Amick after the Warriors' series victory. "He called himself a dynasty already, so you've got to figure. On to the next round."

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Curry averaged 26.0 points per game in the six games, and paid little attention to what Brooks said during and after the series. However, should the Grizzlies and Warriors meet again in this season's NBA playoffs, expect the same antics from Brooks, even though they'll likely not affect Curry.

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