‘When you die I celebrate’: Conor McGregor, Ali Abdelaziz exchange heated words

Khabib Nurmagomedov might be retired, but the feud between Conor McGregor and manager Ali Abdelaziz continues.

On Wednesday, McGregor and Abdelaziz, the CEO of Dominance MMA, engaged in an intense back-and-forth on Twitter. The exchange commenced when McGregor tweeted a screenshot of Nurmagomedov’s face from an infamous bus attack incident in April 2018.

The image was captioned, “Bastrykin! Where is Khabib’s ‘sh*t in his pants medal’? He need this for sh*t his pants 10 rows back.”

Abdelaziz defends his client

Shortly after McGregor threw the first insult, Abdelaziz quote-tweeted a defense of his client Nurmagomedov, who defeated the Irishman via fourth-round submission in October 2018.

“You’re drinking again boy he take your soul but never give it back Punk b*tch,” Abdelaziz wrote.

'I hate you bro. When you die I celebrate'

Things took an even nastier turn when McGregor posted a screenshot of a Google search pertaining to inbreeding in Dagestan, where Nurmagomedov and many of Abdelaziz’s other clients are originally from.

In response, Abdelaziz wrote, “Here we go again insulting people nation and religion this is not funny my dream to see you in person.”

“I hate you bro. When you die I celebrate,” McGregor responded.

'Integrity' – something you don't know nothing about

Abdelaziz, who is Muslim, has publicly taken exception with McGregor in the past over insults directed toward Muslims and/or Dagestan as a whole. Wednesday was no different.

“People of Dagestan some of the best people in the world they are honorable hard worker and have a lotta integrity something you don’t know nothing about,” Abdelaziz wrote in a quote tweet.

McGregor simply responded, “You mad at google bro?”

'I'm done responding to your sick ass'

The banter ended after one more brief back-and-forth.

“You sick do you think it is funny i’m done responding to your sick ass,” Abdelaziz wrote.

“Smell you later, sh*t the bus.” McGregor wrote.