How did Toney get away with moving the ball?

Chief football news reporter Simon Stone
Chief football news reporter Simon Stone

BBC Sport's Simon Stone has been answering your questions on the Premier League.

Tom asked: How was Ivan Toney’s goal ever allowed to stand? Makes no sense that VAR can clearly see him move the ball for an advantage and the ref not making him move it back is a clear and obvious error so there is no excuse

Simon replied: Well, VAR is not allowed to intervene on restarts. I can see Forest’s position on this. They would argue if there was an issue in the wall and a goal was scored, it might not have been allowed. Maybe the referee or the nearside assistant should have spotted it and done something about it.

But equally, the Forest players were looking at the ball as they stood in the wall. They could also have intervened if they had wanted. It is not the first time this season Forest have felt they have not been treated well by the officials.

I will be interested to see what the response is.