What did Terry McLaurin say to Sam Howell after Sunday’s loss?

It was an ugly day for the Washington Commanders on Sunday. Washington hosted its annual alumni homecoming weekend, where well over 100 former players were in attendance, and proceeded to lose in embarrassing fashion to the Buffalo Bills, 37-3.

To make matters worse, the weather was horrible, and FedEx Field was packed with Bills fans.

Perhaps no one had a more challenging day on Sunday than second-year quarterback Sam Howell. Howell threw four interceptions and was sacked nine times in the loss. It was a brutal day, one which could break some young quarterbacks.

After the game, Howell owned his performance and looked forward to watching the film to improve. And his teammates believe in Howell, including star wide receiver and team captain Terry McLaurin.

McLaurin and defensive tackle Jonathan Allen are considered the heartbeat of Washington’s locker room. Outstanding performers on the field and respected leaders in the locker room.

What did McLaurin say to Howell after such a difficult day?

“I just let him know that we still got his back,” McLaurin said. “Obviously, he’s still growing at the quarterback position being our QB1, but at the same time, he holds himself to a high standard; we hold him to a high standard. And I know he’s going to look himself in the mirror and see how he can come back and get better. But the other position groups have to do a good job of helping him out, whether that’s getting open a little quicker or spacing, making sure we are on the same page with him.”

In true McLaurin fashion, he made sure to let everyone know Sunday’s performance wasn’t just on Howell. Everyone needs to get better.

“It was a tough day for all of us; it’s not just on him,” he said. “I just wanted to let him know we got his back, and we are going to have tough days at the office. Some uglier than others, but that’s what makes this grind so much sweeter when you are able to correct the things you do wrong, and then you come back, and you are able to show improvements. We’re looking to show improvement. I know he is, and as a group, we are, too.”

Spoken like a true leader.

Next up is the Philadelphia Eagles. Remember what happened last time Washington went to Philadelphia?

Story originally appeared on Commanders Wire