Did you see Dion Dawkins troll Bills fans before signing his extension?

Dion Dawkins signed a three-year contract extension with the Buffalo Bills. That new contract is set to help the team out with their 2024 salary cap situation as well.

But that’s not what you’re here for.

Dawkins, 29, signed on the dotted line and then decided to play a prank.

Before the Bills or any reporters sent out the news about Dawkins’ extension, he posted to his social media account on Instagram and faked a goodbye message. Dawkins even went as far as joking around about being able to eat ranch on his chicken wings again.

But them, a 180 turn. Only minutes later, the team announced the extension and he’s back.

Following his new contract being announced, Dawkins spoke via video conference and said he was just being “an entertainer.” Whatever, Dawkins wants to call it, it was a good joke.

Below is Dawkins’ fake post, followed by his reactions to staying and signing an extension with the Bills:

Story originally appeared on Bills Wire