How did Packers do in draft value relative to 2024 consensus board?

The Green Bay Packers selected 11 players in the 2024 NFL draft. How do Brian Gutekunst and the Packers so in terms of value this year? It’s a tough question to answer. Maybe impossible.

Value is an important part of the draft process. An understanding of the board is vital to judging how teams went about maximizing value during the draft.

However, establishing true “value” is incredibly difficult. Thirty-two teams each have a different draft board, and there is no consensus big board for all teams. Teams scout differently and have different schemes, coaching staffs and needs.

The best we can do is base value on the consensus of the information available. The “wisdom of the crowd” can help.

Arif Hasan of Wide Left Football creates the go-to consensus board, which ranks the top 300 players in the draft class based on 101 different big boards from draft analysts. As Hasan says, “the consensus of these experts does a better predictive job than individual experts.”

Here are the Packers’ picks in the 2024 draft, their consensus rank, their pick number and the difference between the two. This is how we’ll establish value.


Consensus rank

Pick number


Jordan Morgan




Edgerrin Cooper




Javon Bullard




Marshawn Lloyd




Ty’Ron Hopper




Evan Williams




Jacob Monk




Kitan Oladapo




Travis Glover




Michael Pratt




Kalen King






The Packers stuck to the consensus board during their first four picks (-1 in total value) and then went down a much different path to end Day 2 and throughout Day 3. The variance from the consensus board was wild.

Ty’Ron Hopper, Evan Williams, Jacob Monk and Travis Glover were all significant reaches by two rounds or more on the consensus board. The Packers even traded up for Williams and Monk.

But there was also great value to end Day 3. Kitan Oladapo, Michael Pratt and Kalen King all rank among the Packers’ best value picks in terms of the consensus board since 2022.

The Packers were surprised that both Pratt and King were still available in the seventh round, and both were big “steals” by consensus rank. It’s worth noting that recent “steals” from the consensus board include Rasheed Walker, Kingsley Enagbare, Karl Brooks, Carrington Valentine and Anthony Johnson Jr., so this does appear to have some predictive value for the Packers, especially on Day 3.

Remember this quote from Packers director of football ops Milt Hendrickson, who learned it from longtime Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome: “A pick is just a pick until it becomes a player. From that standpoint, if you love the player, you find the way to get him.”

The Packers went into the 2024 draft with five top 100 picks but ended up getting only four players in the top 100 of the consensus big board.

However, the class stacks up well when sorted by consensus rank:

Jordan Morgan: 35
Edgerrin Cooper: 37
Javon Bullard: 63
MarShawn Lloyd: 94
Michael Pratt: 127
Kitan Oladapo: 144
Ty’Ron Hopper: 153
Kalen King: 156
Evan Williams: 197
Travis Glover: 267
Jacob Monk: 272

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