Did Micah Parsons criticize Commanders’ Dan Quinn?

Dan Quinn spent the last three seasons with the Dallas Cowboys as their defensive coordinator, and now his best defensive player had something to say about it.

Micah Parsons appeared this week on the “Stephen A. Smith Show” and expressed his excitement to play for the Cowboys’ new defensive coordinator, Mike Zimmer.

“I just want to play winning football,” Parsons said. “I want everybody to be accountable. I want everybody locked in. What I hear is Zimmer’s one of them guys that’s gonna have everybody accountable… I just want a fresh start. I just want to change the culture, identity of the Dallas Cowboys and win a championship.”

Was Parsons implying Quinn did not keep everyone on the defense accountable? What did Parsons mean by “I just want a fresh start?” What was Quinn’s culture in Dallas that you “want to change the culture and identity of the Dallas Cowboys?” Here is the story in “The Landry Hat.”

This is all a surprise seeing that when Quinn was hired by the Commanders as their new head coach, Parsons praised Quinn, They’re getting a real upstanding, outstanding guy, man,” Parsons said of Quinn. “I hope those players buy in and play extremely hard for him and understand that ain’t no one going to love them and care more about them than Dan Quinn.”

Parsons did not elaborate on what he meant by everyone being accountable and the culture change and identity change needed by the Cowboys. Whatever he did mean, the past is now behind Quinn as he has begun his second opportunity as an NFL head coach, this time in Washington.

Quinn replaces Ron Rivera, who did not have a winning record in his four seasons as Washington’s head coach. Commanders fans are starving and looking to Quinn to bring winning seasons. Washington has not accomplished a winning record since the 2015 and 2016 seasons when Jay Gruden was head coach and Kirk Cousins the quarterback.

Story originally appeared on Commanders Wire