Did Madden 20 immortalize Tom Brady's teammates blowing him off for a high five?

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Madden 20 trolled <a class="link rapid-noclick-resp" href="/nfl/players/5228/" data-ylk="slk:Tom Brady">Tom Brady</a> and the times teammates have ignored his attempts to high five them. (Getty Images)
Madden 20 trolled Tom Brady and the times teammates have ignored his attempts to high five them. (Getty Images)

Did Madden 20 immortalize one of Tom Brady’s New England Patriots teammates blowing him off for a sideline high five?

It looks like it.

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On Monday night, The Checkdown, the NFL’s hipper, cooler social-media account, posted a short video from Madden 20 that shows Brady sitting on the bench while the defense is on the field.

A teammate wearing No. 80 - currently tight end Steven Anderson - walks past, high-fiving a couple of teammates but peels off just before he gets to Brady, leaving the quarterback hanging.

Check it out:

It’s been a while since Brady getting snubbed spawned memes and gifs, though it happened at least three times during the 2013 season. Once even Julian Edelman, who presents himself as Brady’s best teammate and friend, passed right by as the quarterback held his hand out to offer some support.

Brady of course saw the post from The Checkdown, and according to him, the game took a little swipe at him because he was able to break the “Madden Curse” - the quarterback was on the cover of Madden 18 and the Patriots went to the Super Bowl that season.

(Tom Brady/Instagram)
(Tom Brady/Instagram)

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