Did you know that you're supposed to clean your microwave's charcoal filter?

Did you know that you’re supposed to clean your microwave’s charcoal filter?. Neither did most viewers, until they saw this TikTok cleaning tutorial. The video from TikTok account Mamas Know Best (@mamasknowbest) begins with a shot of the microwave’s filter cover being removed to reveal a gross pileup of oil and grime. For those not in the know, microwave filters remove foul odors from the air circulation within the microwave, which keeps your food smelling and tasting fresh. “You’re supposed to change the filter every six months,” the video’s narration explains, . while the video cuts to a shot of the TikToker spraying foaming soap on the inside of the cover. White suds build up over the surface area as though they’re attacking the grease. Next, they remove the fuzzy scum-filled filter and let it soak in a sink filled with soap and water. Then they thoroughly scrub its cover and the surrounding areas in the microwave. After rinsing and drying the filter and its cover, the TikToker pops them back into the appliance. The video left viewers bewildered, and many had no idea that microwaves even had filters. “I’ve had a microwave for 17 years… I didn’t know it had a filter that needed to be changed,” wrote one user