Did Kevin Durant send third-person tweets criticizing Billy Donovan, Thunder supporting cast?

Dan Feldman
NBC Sports

Kevin Durant cares what people thinks about him. That much is clear.

We also know fan also tweeted at the Warriors star:

Did Durant respond with third-person tweets critical of Billy Donovan and the Thunder’s supporting cast for him and Russell Westbrook? These screen shots make it look that way:

If Durant actually sent those tweets, he since deleted them. If these are fake, the fabricators went to decent effort, with different screen shots posted to different long-existing accounts that don’t follow each other.

Fairly or not, Durant is going to be the butt of many jokes today. If he addresses this — even to deny sending the tweets, which look they were intended to come from an account other than his official one — he’ll likely only make it worse.

His best bet is just to hope this passes until he can get back on the court and change the conversation with his excellent play.

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