Did the Chiefs attempt to retain WR Mecole Hardman?

We know that the Kansas City Chiefs had an interest in retaining WR JuJu Smith-Schuster, but did they have a similar level of interest in retaining WR Mecole Hardman? His recent comments to the media in New York during his introductory press conference suggest that Kansas City didn’t make a strong effort to retain the former 2019 NFL draft pick — if they even made an effort at all.

KSHB-TV Sports Producer Nick Jacobs shared a clip from Hardman’s presser during which he was asked whether the Chiefs made an effort to re-sign him. His answer was pretty telling.

“Um, honestly, I don’t know,” Hardman said. “I don’t know if they offered anything worth talking about or if they just (were) moving on. I don’t really know the exact details. I’m pretty sure they probably offered something, but if they did it probably wasn’t nothing that my agent thought to consider.”

It sounds like Hardman left his free agent destination up to his agent, which isn’t terribly uncommon in the NFL. You’d think that he’d have a little bit more clarity on whether the team that drafted him attempted to retain him. Given his comments, if the Chiefs did make an offer it was likely well below the one-year deal he landed with the Jets.

At least one member of the team seems to wish things had gone differently for Hardman and Kansas City in free agency.

Hardman and Kadarius Toney didn’t even play two dozen snaps together this season due to injuries.

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Story originally appeared on Chiefs Wire