Did Browns RB Nick Chubb’s third touchdown run doom his own team?

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Cleveland Browns running back Nick Chubb is one of the best in the NFL at what he does, so it wasn’t too surprising that Chubb ran 17 times for 87 yards and three touchdowns against the New York Jets on Sunday. Chubb’s third touchdown, a 12-yard run with 1:55 left in the game, seemed to put things away, as the Browns went up, 30-17.

But as they say, not so fast. On the drive following that touchdown, Joe Flacco hit receiver Corey Davis for this huge touchdown out of some seriously busted coverage with 1:22 remaining…

The Jets then recovered their onside kick, giving them one opportunity to pull off an improbable comeback. And it actually happened! With 25 seconds left in the game, Flacco his rookie receiver Garrett Wilson for this 15-yard game-winner. The Jets pulled one out with an amazing 31-30 final.

And then, with 12 seconds left, safety Ashtyn Davis picked off Browns quarterback Jacoby Brissett to seal the deal.

We’re not here to blame Chubb for it all, as there was a rather long and improbable series of events, and the Browns’ defense just imploded down the stretch. Chubb is one of the NFL’s most determined runners, so unless his coaches told him to fall short of the goal line, he wasn’t likely to do it.

But the facts remain. Had the Browns gone with a more cautious approach, it’s entirely likely that they would have won the game.

Story originally appeared on Touchdown Wire