Did Blake Griffin get the idea to dunk over a car from a fan?

You jump over one car on national TV, and all of a sudden everyone wants a piece of you. Such is life for Clipper All-Star Blake Griffin(notes).

Michael Scrivner claims that Griffin took the idea to jump over a car on a dunk after Scrivner offered up the idea via his Twitter page. While the hoops fan isn't exactly asking for a cut of Griffin's prize earnings, he does want some dap for passing the idea along.

From Tulsa World:

Michael Scrivner told TMZ.com he saw Griffin on ESPN looking for ideas. On Feb. 8, Scrivner sent Griffin a message using social networking site Twitter: "Seen you want dunk ideas on ESPN Park a car on the court Jump over the car while the driver throws you oop through the sunroof."

The website reports Scrivner was upset because he didn't get even a "shout out" from Griffin.

While this has all the intrigue of a caper gone wrong, where the famous stud basketball player steals an idea from some anonymous everyman, we should back off a bit, here.

Even if Griffin is an ardent and obsessive Twitter user, there is no way that he'll be able to keep up with all the @blakegriffin messages he gets in a day. I have about 1/40th the amount of followers as Blake Griffin does, and I don't have the time to keep up with all the messages sent my way. And I'm in front of a computer, all day, rarely having to be bothered with pesky things like flights, team practices, and actual NBA games.

Griffin has no such, um, "luxury." So while it might seem too coincidental to ignore, it is entirely possible for Griffin to have never seen the message from Scrivner. Blake claims that he came up with the car dunk himself, and I believe the guy.

Whether or not you choose to believe Griffin or Scrivner is entirely up to you. But if you do believe Blake, understand that you got the idea from me, and properly credit me. At least give me a shout out.

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