Did a down marker mistake cost Alabama a touchdown against Ole Miss?

Alabama settled for a field goal after running QB sneak on first down. The marker showed third down.

No. 13 Alabama ended up kicking a field goal to take a 9-7 lead over No. 15 Ole Miss after a mixup led to the Crimson Tide running a quarterback sneak on first down.

As the Crimson Tide were marching down the field in the Ole Miss red zone, they got a first down at the Ole Miss 11. However, the down marker on the side of the field didn’t change over from third down.

That led Alabama to run a sneak to get the first down as Jalen Milroe easily got the yardage to the Ole Miss 11. However, that play actually happened on first down. The official down-and-distance yardage is kept by the sticks and chains and officials, not the down marker on the field.

That essentially cost Alabama a play and potentially seven points. No one runs a quarterback sneak on first down. On the actual second down, RB Roydell Williams rushed for four yards and Milroe was stopped for no gain on third down. That forced Alabama to bring on Will Reichard for a 21-yard field goal for the lead.

The Crimson Tide were able to extend the lead to 10 points on the next possession, however. Terrion Arnold intercepted Jaxson Dart and Alabama took advantage of the short field as Milroe hit Amari Niblack for a 33-yard TD. Alabama added another score in the fourth quarter to extend the lead and get an eventual 24-10 win.