Diamond Softball’s 2024 Season: A Year of Dominance

DIAMOND, MO – Iron sharpens iron was the theme of the 2024 state champion Diamond Wildcats, heavily defining the team’s remarkable run.

“If my teammate’s down, then I’m picking them up to make them better. If I’m down, then I’m doing something else to make a teammate better,” said junior outfielder Kabrie Parmley.

“So we’re sharpening each other and making each other better because that’s what’s going to help the team.”

At 38-1, the 2024 Lady Wildcats entered the state championship game red-hot. Despite an early 3-0 lead, Kennett would prove to be a worthy opponent. With adversity brought upon the Diamond team, shortstop Lauren Turner said her group would learn from experience.

“We’ve been able to build it up, and I think doing that all season and not having games where we’re just blowing out opponents makes us stronger,” said Turner.

“We played a really tough schedule, and in the end I think it helped us because obviously they came out strong and weren’t ready to give up. We were down really close to the end, and we just came back ready for it.”

True to a Diamond, the group would form under pressure. The Lady Wildcats would tie the game in the late innings, and later win it in the eighth. Kelsey Parrish, head coach of the Wildcats, said because of what her team had learned through the year, they never quit.

“We are a family, and we’re going to pick each other up,” Parrish said.

“We have the confidence in each other and we trust the process. These girls are not going to give up, they’re going to fight all the way and make sure that they get the job done.”

Freshman Brilee Bard, sophomore Talyn Daniels, and senior Sara Roszell all reflected on the community’s support through the team’s success.

“It was super special seeing the entire community come out to support our team,” said Bard.

Daniels discussed during the state final game, she said she saw the younger classes gather to support the team’s efforts.

“The youth played a huge role in our win,” said Daniels.

“Seeing them all in the stands was amazing, and having them be apart of our celebration was really cool.”

Roszell would echo Daniels, saying the community supported the team from the season’s beginning.

“The youth players and our community supported us even before state,” said Roszell.

“I loved seeing everyone celebrate with us.”

Despite the championship in 2024, Turner said her group is not finished just yet.

“We know we can get better. Hopefully, next year, we can go undefeated. There’s always a goal that we have in mind, and I think we have a lot of girls that are ready to reach that.”

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