Dez Bryant shared his shoes with Make-A-Wish kid, practiced in socks

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Dez Bryant had a historic night on Thursday, setting a Dallas Cowboys franchise record for touchdown receptions. But what he did prior to the game, while less bombastic, was even better.

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Eagle-eyed observers noted Bryant practicing in socks before the Cowboys’ 38-14 woodshedding of the Washington Redskins. That’s because Bryant had given his shoes to a young Make-a-Wish kid named Darren:

And here’s Dez, working out smoother in socks than you could in cleats:

Great moment for Dez and the Cowboys. Credit to both, and congrats to young Darren for getting a great memory.

Dez Bryant and a Make-A-Wish fan. (Via @dallascowboys)
Dez Bryant and a Make-A-Wish fan. (Via @dallascowboys)

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